The ever-so hot topic today, Transgender Military law.

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and do my spill and if you disagree you can RESPECTFULLY leave your opinions in my comments if your heart desires to. Let me first off say that I have NO issues with transgenders, homosexuals all of that. I think everyone deserves to be happy and if that will make you happy then you go for it. HOWEVER, I do NOT believe everyone should be able to serve our country. There has to be some lines in the sand, requirements, standards to go by. The military is NOT a soccer team. I’m sorry but not everyone can be included, thats just how it is.

The military is a stressful environment and so is combat. An article was posted this year, 2017, by the American Psychiatric Association said that gender dysphoria is a PSYCHOLOGICAL disorder. A psychological disorder, thats depression anxiety included, bans you from any military service. There is a 60% suicide rate in the transgender community, I don’t think combat is going to help this number.

That being said the military is NOT THE PLACE for a social experiment for this small percentage of people. I’m sorry, but its not. Too many people’s lives (including my future husband)  are at stake in the military for us to be allowing those who’s hormones are all out of balance and psychologically aren’t at 100% to be in the field.

Let’s talk money now. For this to happen, the individual has to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, going through health care provider, the commander all that and lets not forget the surgery and hormone therapy ALL expected to be paid for BY THE MILITARY. Here’s my issue, those people want a penis or a vagina, how is that any different than a female who wants bigger breasts or a bigger butt? It’s not.That is all COSMETIC. Therefore, if you want that procedure then it needs to come out of YOUR pocket just as if I wanted a nose job…etc.

Let’s talk more about the surgery. So they all want the procedure done and paid for by the military but ignore the fact that the surgery makes them undeployable FOR FOUR YEARS. So basically, they’re gonna be in the military, take the benefits of the military but when it comes time to serve the military, they can’t. How is that okay?

There are plenntyyy of other things that disqualify people from the military, flat feet, color blindness, physical we say thats discriminatory? No we don’t. We just accept it how it is.

Current Transgender members of the military are allowed to stay in but now must identify with their biological gender which to me probably is safer from a female perspective.

I truly am sorry for those who want to serve and don’t have that opportunity and I truly am sorry for those that feel discriminated against. But we CANNOT put my future husband and thousands of others lives at risk so you can feel included. It’s just not safe. Do you think you’re going to be able to get your hormones sent to you in Siberia, Afghanistan,Iraq…etc? No.

You can spin it however you want against me, President Trump, whoever you want. But here is the important matter. The military is a fighting force for our country and it can not have members who are not at their tiptop shape. Would you want someone who has psychological disorder, hormonal imbalance anything that can affect their focus, defending or having the back of your husband/wife, mom/dad, brother/sister in a high war zone? I didn’t think so.


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